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Here at JTech Communications we provide comprehensive Bozeman website design and development services. Web design and development are the process of custom building your business’s online presence. Web design is primarily concerned with the visual aspects of a website — creating an interface and cohesive experience. Web design is carefully planned, to give your business a home on the web where you can interact with customers and build your brand.

Web development can transform your website, adding functionality to it and making it a valuable part of your Bozeman business. Web development can take whatever form you need: customer service forms, employment applications, or even a comprehensive e-commerce platform. Web development is about using the full potential of a website to enhance your business.

Bozeman Web Development

JTech is located in Bozeman, Montana, and we provide all of our services from our office here in Bozeman. We are the premier custom web development firm in Bozeman, and we would love for you to come in and find out what we can do for your business. As a Montana web development firm we have the knowledge and experience to work with businesses in Bozeman, Montana and across the state.

Why Web Development from JTech is the answer

At JTech we place a huge emphasis on building projects that will help your company succeed. We have been serving Montana businesses since 1997. To ensure that our project benefits your business as much as possible we spend time getting to know what your business needs. Once we have worked with you to plan your site, our talented and experienced web development team goes to work on a custom-built web solution that will enhance your business. We are committed to your Bozeman business even after the website is built. We’re happy to help with all of your website needs — from hosting, to maintenance, to further updates of your site. We are one Bozeman source for all of your website needs. Talk to us today and find out how easy it could be to have an advanced website that enhances your Bozeman business.

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Bozeman Website Design & Web Development

Web Development: Planning

Web design and web development are the process of building the online location for your Bozeman business. Your online business can do almost anything that a physical location could, from promoting your brand to selling your products. It is important to have a website that provides a great customer experience and a perfect fit for your company. For your website to reach its full potential for your business requires careful planning, knowledge of your business, and a talented web development team. JTech Communications collaborates closely with your Bozeman business to create an advanced custom website.

The first stage of custom web development is planning. In order to build an advanced custom website for your Montana business we need to learn about your Montana business’s website needs. Being located in Bozeman gives us the option of meeting in person or electronically. We get to know your Bozeman business so that we can determine the best use of your resources to create a website that will help you succeed. We have worked with many Bozeman businesses to get them results, so we have the experience to know what will get you results. After that we create a list of the web development projects that would be useful to your business and work with you to create the best plan for your business website. This process will save you time and money later because you will only be paying for the web development that you decide is worth the cost.

Web Development: Design and Implement

Once we know what the site needs to accomplish and are familiar with your brand, we begin creating the site’s structure, developing wireframes and visuals to guide the finished site’s aesthetics. We will help you determine whether building a custom software solution will serve your business the best, or if there is a simpler way to approach the website development. As we go through this process we will work with you to gather and integrate your business information into the web site.

We will use a variety of techniques to help your website rank well in search engines, utilizing best practices that help Google and other search engines find all of your company’s content. This search-friendliness is built into the web design and web development process. We have also developed expertise in finding ways to get sites to rank locally. Our past experiences working with Bozeman businesses will help us to serve your business more effectively. When we’ve finished building your Bozeman website, we test everything thoroughly to ensure that it will work well on all browsers and is easy to use. When we’re satisfied with your website’s quality and consistency, we send it live and let consumers start experiencing your incredible new site. We can even take care of redirecting your old website to make sure that all of your customers make it to the right place.

Web Development: Support

We also provide hosting services, ensuring that your website is available all the time. We offer ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help your website gain top ranking in the search engines. To meet the needs of your growing business, we offer maintenance and updates for your website. We view your completed website as the beginning of a working relationship that will last throughout the life of your business. We would love to show you what a custom web design & development project could do to enhance your Bozeman business.

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